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Oct. 29: This song, laid down on this date in 1973, was a watershed in Waymore’s years-long battle with RCA for creative control of his recording career. Had the label had its way, Jennings’ first Billboard chart-topper might never have been released — because it was cut in an independent studio, not at RCA’s complex on 17th Avenue in Nashville.

The label soon backed off and accepted the master, because Jennings’ new contract had given him nearly complete artistic control. Waylon’s hard-bargaining business manager, Neil Reshen, had essentially made the Texas-born artist the first rock-style act in Nashville.

Waylon wrote this song, the title track to an album — the second under his new deal — that was co-produced by Willie Nelson and recorded at Tompall Glaser’s studio. If all that doesn’t give it “outlaw” bona fides, what does?

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