Click to hear "Daylight Saving Time"

Click to hear "Falling Leaves"

Click to hear "Falling Leaves"

Oct. 31: Most know “Everybody’s Grandpa” as a series-long cast member of Hee Haw. But that was far from his only claim to fame. Here are two sides of the banjo-playing comic performer, each a song of the season.

“Louis Marshall ‘Grandpa’ Jones was one person who aged right into his makeup,” writes Bruce Eder on “Like his real appearance, however, his actual background and role in country music were deceptive and more complex than they seem.” Read the whole profile, which is an excellent career summation for a man who became a Grandpa at age 22.

“Falling Leaves” was recorded during his stint on Decca Records in the 1950s. He also cut the original of “Daylight Saving Time” at that time. I could not locate a full-song example online of that version; too bad, because it has some really tasty guitar work by Merle Travis or a Travis soundalike. The version here was recorded later, I don’t know when. But it still the most hillbilly reminder you’ll get to set your clocks back one hour tonight.

Check out Jones’ discography, and his Country Music Hall of Fame profile. And here’s a fan blog with links to a lot of pre-Hee Haw performance videos.