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Nov. 12: Happy 59th birthday to Arkansas native Barbara Fairchild, part of the long line of Nashville’s teenage female artists (including last night’s “Country My A$$ Awards” winner of everything, Taylor Swift). This number, which Fairchild released at the wise old age of 22, reached the top of the Billboard country chart.

She started recording for small labels at age 15, and secured a songwriting deal fresh out of high school. At age 19, she was signed by Billy Sherrill to Columbia Records. She recorded this song, which she wrote with Waylon Jennings, three years later. Besides going No. 1 country, it became a big enough hit the following year to make the pop charts — and garner young Fairchild a ride on The Midnight Special music show.

She had a few follow-up hits, but none this big, and later made her way into gospel music. Learn more about her career here.