Dec. 8: Lanky singer-songwriter Alan Jackson scored his first hit with this song. It was released on this date in 1989, coming in just under the 20-year wire for 3 Chords a Day inclusion. Lucky for Jackson [grin] — and lucky for us, for we get to hear this fine country number one more time.

In her review of the 1990 album of the same name, British blogger Occasional Hope had this to say about “Here In The Real World”:

    Alan’s breakthrough hit was the album’s title track, written with Mark Irwin – a gorgeous yearning sad song of resignation, as the protagonist learns that life isn’t like the movies with a guaranteed happy ending, set to a beautiful tune, ornamented with some lovely fiddle [by Rob Hajacos] and steel guitar [by Paul Franklin or Weldon Myrick].

Georgia-born Jackson is one of the few current hitmakers — George Strait is another — whose music can still credibly and consistently be called country. For that, he deserves our thanks. Learn more about his career here.