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Dec. 20: As head of Columbia Records’ country division, producer Don Law cut some unforgettable music, including many of the classic recordings of Lefty Frizzell, Ray Price, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Carl Smith and more. Law died 27 years ago today. In his honor, here’s a 1960 hit by another of Law’s stable of artists: famed DJ turned Grand Ole Opry star Charlie Walker.

British-born Law briefly headed Columbia’s children’s record division. He also produced the legendary sessions of bluesman Robert Johnson. Learn more about his influential country career on his Country Music Hall of Fame profile page.

For Texas-born Walker, World War II service interrupted a burgeoning singing career. He became an Army disc jockey in Japan; when he got out, fame on San Antonio’s KMAC soon followed. But performing country music was in his blood. Pick up the story from there, including the place this Billy Mize song occupied in the Charlie Walker canon, by visiting his profile.