Dec 31: New Year’s Eve — the first in 3 Chords a Day’s young life — is a good time for looking back, so let’s listen once again to our most-Googled post. I’m throwing in my fave as well.

3 Chords has generated a modest 3,600-odd page views, an average of about 30 per post. But the one most favored by the wide, wide world of the World Wide Web was 10 times that popular. It’s the tale of a warm summer’s evening, on a train bound for nowhere: Yes, 3 Chords followers have met up with The Gambler time and again. In fact, they often click on the Kenny Rogers classic more frequently than they do that day’s installment. Maybe that’s a testiment to the number of people who, like the song’s narrator, find themselves out of aces …

OK, that’s yours. Now here’s mine. No, HERE’S mine. Actually, this one is mine. Heck, I can’t decide. Just go back and listen to ’em all. And come again in 2010, for more 3 Chords a Day.  Happy New Year!