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Feb. 8: For years, I considered Charlie Daniels more of a rocker than a country artist, leadimg me to look slightly askance at his invitation a couple of years ago to join the Grand Ole Opry cast. I figured it spoke more to his mellowing in his 70s, and to the Opry’s reflecting country music’s overall changes in this all-digital, every-artist-is-young-and-beautiful age, than to Daniels’ country bona fides.

But I was wrong. First, he hasn’t mellowed all THAT much. Second, he has put three times as many records on Billboard‘s country chart as on its Hot 100 pop listing. Today’s song is one example — a No. 8 country single in 1986, it debuted the year before with the release of The Charlie Daniels Band’s Me And The Boys album, and was recorded in Nashville 25 years ago today.

Now, as drinking songs go, it pales in comparison to “There Stands The Glass,” “Six Pack To Go,” “Swinging Doors,” “The Bottle Let Me Down” or “What Made Milwaukee Famous.” But it’s still a worthy country song topic, it has the feel of a country record, and Daniels sounds like a good country dude. So, who am I to judge?

Oh, and about that Opry thing. Think ol’ Charlie had a clue he was going to be invited to join back in November 2007? Watch the video below and see for yourself.