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Feb. 10: You couldn’t get much hotter than Lefty Frizzell when he broke through in the early ’50s. At one point, the Texan with the unique voice and a real knack for songwriting had four records in the country Top 10 at the same time — a feat never equaled. By the time he recorded this number a decade and a half later (on today’s date in 1965), it was a different story. He’d topped the charts the year before with “Saginaw, Michigan,” but such success was now the exception and not the rule. In fact, “She’s Gone, Gone, Gone” (No. 12 Billboard country) would be his last trip to the Top 15.

Learn more about Frizzell from his profile. And listen to his solid interpretation of this Harlan Howard song, one that Glen Campbell would take into the Top 10 nearly a quarter-century later.