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Feb. 16: It was 41 years ago today, in Ringgold, Ga., that George Jones and Tammy Wynette told each other “I do.” Luckily for you, I passed over their mawkish 1972 number “The Ceremony,” whose setting is a wedding complete with organ and the exchange of vows, in favor of this one from four years — and one divorce — later. “Golden Ring,” a fine piece of work by songwriters Bobby Braddock and Rafe VanHoy, always seemed to me a neat summation of the Jones-Wynette saga.

By the time Jones, Wynette and the musicians laid this down in April 1976, the stars’ marriage had been over for 13 months. The heartache in the vocals, especially the Possum’s, is palpable. In his review of the album that contained this song, Thom Jurek says: “Golden Ring is one of those country albums that is essential. It is a perfect document of ’70s Nashville’s most polished and tasteful records, and stands as a high point for both Jones and Wynette.”

As for “The Ceremony” … since you asked, here it is, in all its sappy glory. At least the hair-dos are a sight to behold!