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March 16

Why today? OK, bear with me on a degrees-of-separation journey. On this date in 1974, the Grand Ole Opry was performed for the first time at its new state-of-the-art home in suburban Nashville. President Richard Nixon was in the audience that night, and he took the stage to banter with Roy Acuff and perform on the piano. The whole cast was there — including one Grandpa Jones, who had made his first Opry appearance in 1946, also on March 16. There lies the convoluted path that led me to say, Grandpa, it’s your day.

About the record: Decca 9-30823, recorded on Dec. 18, 1958, at Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville. Released January 1959. Also appeared on the album An Evening With Grandpa Jones, Decca DL-4364, released 1963.

This was a quick-turn cover of young Bobby Bare’s talking-blues send-up of brand new soldier Elvis Presley, a record on which Bare sang but artist Bill Parsons got the credit. The humorous lyrics, with their rock ‘n’ roll vocabulary and sensibility, are even funnier coming out of the mouth of Grandpa Jones. So, here’s Mr. Mountain Dew, impressin’ the gals … pickin’ hot licks … and all that jazz.

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