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April 1

Why today? It’s Jim Ed Brown’s 76th birthday — no foolin’!

About the record: Fabor 126-45, recorded in the wee hours of July 15, 1955, at the Abbott Studio in Malibu, Calif. Released in the second half of that year, reaching No. 14 on Billboard‘s country chart. First LP appearance was in May 1966, on RCA Victor LPM/LSP-3561, The Best of The Browns. Written by Jim Ed and Maxine Brown, along with Wally Fowler of the Oak Ridge Quartet.

“Here Today And Gone Tomorrow” is a great vocal workout by Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie Brown. And the band, a tight West Coast studio unit, is no slouch, either. Listen for fine duet picking from Speedy West (steel) and Roy Lanham (electric guitar).

Less than a year after these sessions, RCA Victor signed The Browns and bought the masters they’d recorded for Fabor. It re-released this song and three others on the more familiar — and better distributed and marketed — label with Nipper on top.

About the artist: From his beginnings in south-central Arkansas … to recording out West … to stardom in Nashville with his sisters, with Helen Cornelius and as a solo act … to success as a TV and radio host … to stalwart status on the Grand Ole Opry … Jim Ed Brown’s career has been rich and varied. Learn more about it on his profile. And check out his gig as host of the syndicated Country Music Greats Radio Show. I guess that makes him and me kindred spirits!