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April 9-11

Why today? Elvis Presley’s fourth single, pairing this country number with the rockin’ A-side “Baby, Let’s Play House,” was released on Saturday’s date 55 years ago.

About the record: Sun 217, recorded March 10, 1955, Memphis Recording Service. Released April 10, 1955. That December, RCA marketed its newly signed artist by re-releasing Presley’s five existing singles on its own label. Sun 217 was reconstituted as RCA Victor 20/47-6383. The song’s first album appearance was on For LP Fans Only, RCA Victor LPM-1990, released February 1959.

The pattern on Elvis’ Sun platters was an uptempo, R&B-based song on the A-side, and a number suggesting country music on the flip. Our featured selection was the country side of the fourth single — to me, the strongest of the five when the quality of BOTH sides is considered. “Baby, Let’s Play House” reached Billboard‘s country Top 5; “I’m Left” didn’t chart. But it’s a good song, with a great country groove in the key of E that Presley himself kicks off on acoustic guitar and that, for the first time on an Elvis record, includes drums in the band.

Careful listeners will recognize Scotty Moore’s lead guitar work here as the basis for John Fogerty’s licks on CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” 14 years later.

About the artist: Who doesn’t know about Elvis Presley? If you need a refresher, here’s a previous 3 Chords a Day post about another of his country-esque records from 1960.

Whether you’re left or you’re right, I’m gone – till Monday. Have a great weekend.