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April 14

Why today? Because the coal miner’s daughter hits the big seven-five today. I’m guessing she’s still woman enough to do just about anything she wants.

About the record: Decca 31966, recorded Nov. 15, 1965, Columbia Recording Studio in Nashville. Released May 23, 1966, reaching No. 2 on Billboard‘s country chart. Also appeared on You Ain’t Woman Enough, Decca DL7-4783, released Sept. 10, 1966. It topped Billboard‘s country album chart.

As we discussed on a post back in December, Loretta Lynn’s earliest work was more feminine than feminist. “You Ain’t Woman Enough” falls into the latter category. I can remember hearing this song on my parents’ car radio when I was just a tyke. I liked it then; I like it now.

It’s no secret that 3 Chords a Day likes us some Loretta. And we’re not alone. My fellow country music blogger Occasional Hope weighs in with a nice review of the You Ain’t Woman Enough album.