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May 3

Why today? What other classic country song is there to commemorate the massive flooding that more than a foot of rainfall over two days brought to the Nashville area?

About the record: Columbia 4-41427, recorded March 12, 1959, at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville. Released June 29 of that year, reaching No. 14 on Billboard‘s country chart and No. 76 on the pop chart. Also appeared on the LP Songs Of Our Soil, Columbia CS-8148, released September 1959.

Cash wrote this song about the great flood of 1937, scenes of which make up the YouTube video you’re watching. The flood devastated the Ohio River valley, most famously Louisville. Eventually all that water moved into the Mississippi River, and when it reached northeast Arkansas, it made an impression on 5-year-old J.R. Cash. Two decades later, out came “Five Feet High And Rising.”

I wonder what young tunesmith-to-be is loading the sights, sounds, thoughts and feelings of the weekend onto the ol’ mental hard drive, to someday chronicle Nashville’s Great Flood of 2010 in song …