May 5

Instead of a classic song today, I want to shine the light on the impact of the great Nashville flood of 2010 on the country music industry.

If you don’t know, the swollen Cumberland River poured onto the Opryland complex northeast of downtown. Its waters flooded the Grand Ole Opry House, as well as the Opryland hotel, the WSM-AM 650 business office and the Grand Ole Opry Museum. Opry officials scrambled to find other venues for the week’s scheduled shows.

The familiar Ryman Auditorium will serve on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But it was booked for a concert last night. So the Tuesday Night Opry aired from another former Opry home: the War Memorial Auditorium near the state Capitol. The Opry aired from War Memorial for several years in the 1930s and ’40s, until it moved to the Ryman in 1943.

Cindy Watts of The Tennessean was there last night to chronicle the historic return, and the Opry’s response to the disaster that drove it from its suburban home. Give it a read and see a photo gallery.

While you’re on, check out Peter Cooper’s look at the flood’s effect on other landmarks of Nashville’s music scene. Because the inundation didn’t limit itself to Opryland.