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May 20

Why today? Faron Young and some of Nashville’s top musicians gathered 51 years ago today and cut this Roy Drusky-penned classic.

About the record: Capitol F4223, recorded May 20, 1959, at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville. Released the following month, eventually topping the Billboard country chart. First LP appearance was on Faron Young Sings The Best Of Faron Young, Capitol T 1450, released in November 1960 and filed in record stores under “Department of Redundancy Department. (Just kidding.)

Ken Nelson ran the country music division of Capitol Records for many years. He was based in Hollywood, but he’d make forays to Music City to cut his Nashville-based artists, usually at Owen Bradley’s studio on Music Row. So here he was on one of those trips in the spring of 1959, putting the great Faron Young on tape.

Don’t you just love this sound? That’s Ben Keith on steel, before he joined the pop-rock world and eventually produced singer-songwriter Jewel. On piano is Marvin Hughes, the major ivories-tickler on Nashville records before Floyd Cramer and later Pig Robbins came along. And the harmony vocal belongs to Donald Lytle, known professionally as Donnie Young. You might know him better by his subsequent stage name: Johnny Paycheck.

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