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May 24

Why today? You won’t believe it, but it’s 25 years to the day since this wonderful performance was released as a single.

About the record: RCA PB-14093, recorded mid-1984 at Creative Workshop in Berry Hill, Tenn. Released on May 24, 1985, eventually topping Billboard‘s country chart. First appeard as a cut on the LP Why Not Me, RCA AHL1-5319, released in the fall of 1984, eventually reaching No. 1 on Billboard‘s country album chart.

I get chills listening to this song — maybe from the way Wynonna and Naomi’s daughter-mother voices blend so superbly, maybe from the fine acoustic studio band tailor-made for The Judds’ sound, maybe from the Grammy-nominated composition by the late Kent Robbins, one of several classics from his catalog. Or maybe it’s all of that.

“Love Is Alive” is the last of the singles released from the ladies’ first full-length album, a collection reviewer Thom Jurek dubbed “perfect.” It’s in my LP collection, and I have to agree.