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June 11-13

Why this weekend? They say Miss Dolly cut this key song in her career on Saturday’s date in 1973.

About the record: RCA Victor APBO-0145, recorded June 12, 1973, at RCA Studio B in Nashville. Released the following September, it topped Billboard‘s country chart and reached No. 60 on the pop chart. First LP appearance was on Jolene, RCA Victor APL1-0473. Releaed in February 1974, it reached No. 6 on Billboard‘s country album chart.

(* My primary recording session source lists May 22, 1973, as the session date. There WAS a Parton session on June 12, so perhaps my source is wrong, or perhaps overdubs on “Jolene” were recorded on the later date.) UPDATE: Session date confirmed. See Comments section below.

This is my favorite example of Parton’s early solo work. A haunting melody and a great acoustic arrangement, along with Dolly’s singing and songwriting talent, combine to create an undisputed classic. More praise can be found in Barry Weber’s review of the record on And here’s Dolly’s thoughts on her song, as reported by National Public Radio. It’s no wonder “Jolene” is her most covered composition, and not just in the country field.

Have a great weekend. See y’all Monday.