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June 18-20

Why today? This one’s in honor of Father’s Day.

About the record: MCA 53200, recorded fall 1986 in Nashville. Released October 1987; charted No. 6 Billboard country. First appearance was on the LP and CD Borderline, MCA/MCAD-5969, released March 1987. Charted No. 25 Billboard country albums.

The LP was a wonderful medium, and I’m glad to see that, in this time of digital downloads making CDs nearly obsolete, it seems to be making a comeback. Besides their warmer sound, vinyl albums provided a sense of what the artist, producer and/or label felt were the strongest songs by how they were programmed. The last track on side two was usually a keeper. That was certainly the case on Borderline, Conway Twitty’s first album in his return to MCA Records after five years on Elektra/Warner Bros. His ode to fathers, “That’s My Job,” closed the album.

This is, of course, the post-honky-tonk Conway, which should pre-dispose me to dislike it. But like it I do, both for the message and for Conway’s flight into his upper register. That was a vocal hallmark of those great records he made in the early days of his country career, one he often abandoned in his pop-leaning, early ’80s work.

Those who’ve lost their dads are likely to find this especially meaningful. Whether that describes you or not, enjoy “That’s My Job” one more time. Happy Father’s Day, and I’ll see you Monday.